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Thursday, June 11, 2015

When is the Best Time of Year for Senior Portraits?

When is the best time of year for senior pictures?  Each season of the year offers something unique and beautiful.  The decision comes down to the look that you want for your pictures and your school schedule.  

Summer is the ideal time for senior portraits!  The majority of senior girls have their portraits done over the summer before their senior year.

Advantages of summer sessions:

~ Senior tribute pages are due to most schools in October.  This is the page that the parent purchases at the back of the yearbook to honor their child.  If you want your senior pictures to be included on your tribute page, you must have your pictures done in the summer in order to get them in time for school deadlines.

~At SENIORS by AimeeLouise, we include a custom designed senior tribute page with every senior session.  Not all schools will accept a third party design, but for those that do, your page will stand out from among your peers.  We need time to design the pages, and can’t usually accommodate a custom design for an October session. Our Class of 2015 designs are on the blog for you to look at and think about the design you would want!)

~You are out of school in the summer.  This gives so much more flexibility for your session.  We quite often do morning sessions in the summer before the heat of the day.  Morning sessions allow for locations that can’t be used in the evenings which will allow for your session to be unique.

~If you are an athlete, cheerleader, or members of the drill team or band, once school starts there is simply no time for senior pictures. 

~The summer settings are stunning – full of lush green backgrounds, flowers, and the summer sunset is amazing. 

~Your suntan will never look as good as it does in the summer!  Just be sure to watch your tan lines and use different bathing suits each time you go out before your session. 

Disadvantages of summer sessions – it can be hot.  It can be very hot.  However, we recommend our summer girls to book our Glam and Style session.  We will do your hair and makeup for you; and the stylist comes on location with us to keep your makeup fresh and change your hairstyle with each outfit.  We have an air-conditioned studio where you can change clothes and cool down between outfits.  Don’t worry – we will be the hot ones…we will keep you looking fresh at all times!

Wondering what a summer session would look like?  Allison, Courtney, and Elizabeth had summer sessions.


Fall is a very popular time for senior pictures for students not involved in fall sports.  It is a great time to do your pictures if you didn’t get them taken during the summer before it gets too cold. 

Advantages of fall sessions:

~If you book your session in September, there is still time to get your portraits submitted to the school for your senior tribute page.

~The temperatures are starting to cool down toward the end of September.

~Fall sunsets take on a golden tone that you don’t see at any other time of year.

~Toward the middle of November, the leaves will start to turn colors.  Those who love fall colors will find this the idea time for your session – and it isn’t very cold yet.

~Fall clothes are rich with layers and textures. We can get many different looks with the cooler weather – incorporating coats, jackets, scarves for fun looks.

Disadvantages of fall sessions – the sun sets earlier and earlier as the fall goes on.  We have very limited Saturday sessions, and usually do not do Saturday evenings.  This means, that you may have to leave school early on the day of your session to accommodate for the reduction in daylight hours.

Wondering what a fall session would look like?  Joah, Jadyn, and Courtney had sessions last fall.


Winter is probably the least utilized time for senior sessions.  However, for certain seniors who like the winter look, we can do some amazing sessions which will be unique to you.

Advantages of winter sessions:

~December is a great month because the leaves usually remain on the trees until the second or third week.  You can still get the fall colors for a while that month.

~January and February are great months for seniors who like winter.  The brown grasses and barren trees can make for starkly beautiful backgrounds.

~You might get to have snow for your session if the timing is right.

~Our studio is located at the historic McKinney Cotton Mill.  We can do sessions here year round.  If you like an urban decay or grunge look for your session, winter is a perfect time for you. 

~The temperatures are much more pleasant than summer and spring.

Disadvantages of winter sessions: Weather…weather…weather.  We have to be flexible when scheduling winter sessions – ice storms can come out of nowhere and we often have to move session dates around.

Marissa and Ellie both had sessions last winter and they turned out stunning!


Spring is a popular time for senior portraits, especially for senior guys.  By the spring, there is no more room for putting them off and we get a flood of guys starting in March.  Why do your pictures in the spring?

Advantages of spring sessions:

~Temperatures are pleasant

~By the end of March, nature will be starting to green up again.

~Daylight hours are lengthening so we can start sessions later in the afternoon

Disadvantages of spring sessions:

~Time is running out to get graduation announcements designed and printed in time to mail. 

~Rain can be a major problem in the spring.  There are only so many available dates and when it rains, we have to reschedule sessions to whatever available dates and times we have open.  This can be an inconvenience with the hectic end of school schedules.

~Portraits and albums may not be printed in time for graduation parties for April and May sessions.  We do our best, but due to the custom nature of our products, we can’t guarantee that your order will be printed in time to display at your party.

Hannah, McKenna, and Sam had their senior sessions this last spring.  They are great examples of the looks we can get for spring...but all of them were rescheduled several times due to spring storms.  We got nervous but we made it in time!

So when do you want to do your senior session?  That is up to you, your schedule, and your school deadlines.  We always encourage our seniors to book as soon as possible in the summer.  But if you can’t, that is ok.  We will provide you with an amazing experience and beautiful images no matter what time of year you choose!

Ready to book your session or just have a few questions?  You can reach us via our website or call us directly at 214-620-2100!  We look forward to your session...whenever works best for you!

NOTE for parents: By the time your child is a senior, they aren’t going to change much between the beginning and the end of year.  There is no reason to wait until the spring thinking your son or daughter will look different.

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