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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Bring YOUR Style - Making Senior Portraits All About YOU!

PASSION - we are driven by passion at AimeeLouise Photography!  We have a passion for helping each one of our high school seniors to express their passions.  What does that mean for you?

We meet with each one of our seniors prior to their portrait session.  We want to help you prepare for your session, but more importantly, we want to get to know you personally and find out about your PASSIONS!   Passion looks different in each person.  Some seniors are passionate about sports; some are passionate about their pest; some are passionate about fashion....everyone has a passion.  Ok...we admit...some of our senior guys are just passionate about getting their pictures out of the way to make mom happy....but we digress...

Sometimes our seniors don't recognize their passions because they look different than other seniors.  That is ok...we will talk through it and plan a session that you love...a session that reflects you...and most of all, a session that is an incredible experience you will remember for a lifetime.

Just to get your creative juices are some ideas from past senior sessions...

SPORTS - from skateboarding, to swimming, to cheerleading, to football - your sport is all about you!

Not into sports...ok...what about your best friend?

Do you love music?

Flags are very popular for senior expression...

For some seniors, their cars are their passion.

For many seniors, there is no category we can put your passion simply belongs to you!

(PS - the top image with a pink background were from our Class of 2016 Senior Model sessions...but bubbles, gum, balloons, and suckers can be done on location - so let your imagination run wild!)

So what if you don't see your passion here?  That is ok...if you can think of it, we can capture it.  From hunting to drama to reading, to anything in between...we have you covered.  So come on and BRING YOUR STYLE!  We can't wait to meet you AND your passions!


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