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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Allison ~ McKinney Boyd High School Class of 2015 {McKinney Senior Photography}

Meet Allison!  She is another one of our amazing Class of 2015 Senior Model Reps. 

Allison's family own a house with the most AMAZING back yard!  We just walked right out the gate and were able to capture everything we needed! 

The first image of the day right outside the gate!  Did I mention that a rain storm was headed our way?  It was dark and windy and threatening to "spit" rain on us the entire time.  These are times that I am so thankful for my photography education so that I can bring additive light to any situation and we are not controlled by the weather. 

Allison describes herself as "down to earth".  I found that to be very true and reflected in her session.  Her fashion style and her sense of what she wanted from her session was simple and pure.  I loved this image with a flower we found by the lake.

Allison wanted classic images that weren't cliché.  We focused on simple and natural and her beauty steals the show! we did go a little bit outside of the simple theme - but when I walked in her house and saw this settee, I KNEW we had to use it in an image.  Her fabulous dad and my assistant carried this from her house, down the stairs, across the bridge, and a long way through the fields to get it where I wanted it.  It was totally worth it (says the person who didn't do the heavy lifting...)

Allison plays the piano, the oboe, and the cymbals in the McKinney Boyd marching band.  She is multi talented and extremely humble!

We were treated to a concert in order to get some of the images that I wanted.  I posted a behind the scenes video at the end of the post so that you can hear some of our personal concert!

I think this is my favorite image.  I love to capture the essence of a person - and this classic image in front of the baby grand just speaks to me.  There is something to be said about classic and refined images.

I am so thankful that Allison joined our 2015 Senior Model Team.  She is such a beautiful person inside and out and I truly loved working and spending time with her. 
Here is a little treat - a behind the scenes video of Allison playing for us.  Have fun watching!

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