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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Fashion Trend - High Waisted Shorts - How to Wear Them for Maximum Style

High-waisted shorts are a hot fashion trend for the summer of 2015.  Personally, I love this style and can't wait to get a pair - but there are some keys to making this fashion statement work for you. Of course, I am always thinking in terms of what will look amazing in senior pictures, but what works for pictures will certainly work for an afternoon or evening with friends.  Here are a few tips:

1.  Make sure your shorts actually fit.  Too tight and we will have some hoochy-mamma going on...too big and you will feel like you are wearing your mom's jeans.  (I am a mom and I don't take offense...I don't want to wear my mom's jeans either!)

2.  Keep a few things in mind when choosing your tops -

      ~Tuck in your shirts to show off your style!
Hot Trend: High-Waisted Shorts

      ~Think about a crop top (but not too cropped...I am a mom of me...modesty is a good thing!)

High-Waisted Shorts

      ~Think non-bulky, feminine blouses - you want to keep the waist area slim

High Waisted Shorts

      ~Consider a high-necked blouse to make your body appear longer with the high waist.  I really love the "Texas" style to this outfit.  Fun and stylish for sure!
Hot Trend: High Waisted Shorts

3.  Think about pairing them with a long vest or light jacket.  This is really adorable!!!


4.  Add a belt to cinch in your waist or choose shorts with an interesting waist band.

High Waisted Shorts

5.  Grab your heels or wedges! These shorts are designed to make your legs look really long - help them out by choosing something with a heel.  If you have really long legs, you can probably get away with flats - but I really think a little heel goes a long way.

High-Rise Belted Shorts

6.  Try a pair of shorts with lace or other details.  This can really set your fashion style; but be sure to wear a very simple top!

High-Waist Shorts

7.  One last point - please stay away from pleats.  Pleats will definitely make you look like you are channeling the worst of your mom's 80's style.  Sadly...I lived through the 80s fashion era...and it wasn't pretty.  Go for flat fronts on your shorts.  I promise you will look thinner and taller!

I would love your thoughts on high-waist shorts style.  What is your favorite way to wear them?


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