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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Fashion Trend - The Cut Out Dress - Modest Senior Style

I have found the Cut Out Dress to be one of the growing fashion rages to wear for senior pictures.  I LOVE the fun and whimsical style of the Cut Out Dress, BUT, it can be a little risqué.  Every senior who comes to me for their senior portraits know that I am all about modesty.  As a mom of boys...I know how their minds work even though most of us girls are clueless. 

I want to show a few different Cut Out Dress styles that embrace the trend by keeping it classy and fun without crossing the modesty line.

I love this cute little dress.  The cut outs are on the side - and you can reveal them or cover them with a cute denim jacket.  Either way, the outfit is adorable!

Cut Out Dress

This white dress is a very classic take on the trend.  The cut outs on the shoulders add fun to the timeless style of this dress.  Paired with a pop of color in the shoes and large jewelry, this would be a fabulous choice for senior pictures or a night out with your boyfriend.

White out

This dress has more cut outs than the other two, but as they are all on the back, it is a great way to fully embrace this trend while remaining classy and mysterious.  I love this dress in red - and it would be fun to add the sunglasses to a few images at your senior session.

Cut Out Dress

The BOHO feel of this dress makes me want to dance!  It is a great combination of two huge trends.   The hat totally makes this! 

Cut it Out

I see variations on this dress quite often during senior sessions.  The cut out on the sleeves are very flattering.  This dress has a mesh panel - but it is designed to be just a hint rather than a blatant cutout on the midriff.  From experience, I can tell you that dads don't like cutouts on the midriff...

Cute Cutout Dress

As always, if in doubt, give me a call or text me a picture of the dress you are thinking of and I will be happy to give you feedback before your senior session.  If you love this style, please do embrace it to add some trendiness to your session - let's just try to stay on the modest end of this trend....


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