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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Courtney - McKinney Boyd High School, Class of 2015 {McKinney Senior Photography}

This year was a huge year for sibling senior portraits.  I lost count of how many younger brothers and sisters of former senior clients came to see me this year - now seniors themselves.  One of these was Courtney.  Courtney is so beautiful and so sweet.  We did her pictures last fall but somehow I missed adding her to my senior spotlight at the time.

I love Courtney's sense of style and her willingness to play and have fun.  Her dog totally cracked me up - love the big "slurpy" kiss.  Courtney is graduating in a few days, and I know that she will take the world by storm!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Layers...layers...we love layers! {McKinney, Fairview Senior Photographer}

When you sit down with me for your in person consultation prior to your session, one thing you will hear me stress over and over again is to bring extra accessories for your planned outfits.  Scarves, extra shoes, hats, and jackets will make me do a happy dance when I see them at your session.  I may tell you three or four times to bring extra accessories...even if you don't think you will use them. 

Why is that important?  Well...first of all, you never know what might happen at the session.  We have had seniors forget something they meant to wear, or spill a drink on their shirt as we were walking to the next site.  Having extra just ensures you are prepared.

But more importantly, having extra accessories for layers gives us more options.  I advise my senior girls to bring 6-8 completed outfits with them.  Honestly, 6 is about as many as we can do in a two hour session and still have time for the actual pictures.  However, when you bring accessories, we can completely change up the look of your outfit in about 30 seconds, by just adding something on to what you are already wearing.  It simply allows for more creativity and more looks. 

Here are some examples where simply adding a jacket gave a different look....

Ali wanted an elegant look with heels and a dress for images with her violin.  We added the denim jacket and changed to boots for a fun, sassy look that literally took about a minute.

Aubrey's dress and beads were so cute!  But we were able to give her a more western look with the chair by just adding the leather jacket.

Mallorie's dress was adorable just "as is".  But we added a denim shirt that she had thrown in as extra to give her a more sporty look for a few images.  The look is completely different with just the addition of the shirt.

It was day we did Marissa's pictures.  She actually needed one more outfit in my opinion.  So, we took her images with the flag in the white dress and bare feet.  We added the boots and the shorty jacket to give her a different look for the images with her car.  Again...simple changes that took less than a minute and didn't require finding a place to change clothes.

So before you come in for your consultation, be thinking of the different accessories that you have on hand to bring for your senior pictures.  We can talk and make a plan....but be sure to bring never know what we might need.


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Senior Spotlight - Joah McKinney Christian Academy Class of 2015 {McKinney Senior Photography}

Meet Joah - a FORMER senior at McKinney Christian Academy.  I say former because he actually graduated 3 days ago and is now officially a college freshman.  I have known Joah's family for many years and watched him grow up from junior high forward.  I am pretty sure I remember him on the homecoming court as an 8th grader....but I digress.

We did Joah's senior pictures last fall on a cold November day.  Joah is tons of fun and I enjoyed spending the time with him and capturing some fun and unique memories. 

Congratulations Joah!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Senior Spotlight - Ellie, Lovejoy High School {Lucas Senior Photography}

Meet Ellie - a Class of 2015 senior at Lovejoy High School.  Ellie braved the ice and snow and cold and came to us for her session in February.  Needless to say, due to the ice and snow, we weren't able to do her session until March.  Ellie has an amazing sense of style and just completely natural in her own skin. She had some specific ideas of what she wanted in her senior session and we had a great time planning and implementing her ideas.

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation Ellie - I can't wait to see the mark you leave on this world!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Senior Spotlight - Hannah - Lovejoy High School {Lucas Senior Photography}

Meet Hannah - Lovejoy High School Class of 2015 senior.  We had such a blast with Hannah!  She is such a natural, down to earth girl and we had a great time exploring her "glamor" side.  We had some lucky timing for her session as the Bluebonnets were just starting to bloom and we found a day that wasn't raining!  We won't mention the man and his wife that yelled at us for parking where we weren't supposed to....we just think he must have been having a bad day. (And Hannah and I were out of hearing range anyway...)

Hannah will be attending the University of Arkansas in the fall.  Look out Little Rock - a fabulous Freshman is headed your way!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Senior Fashion Trend: Sneakers Go With Anything! {McKinney Senior Photography}

So you probably already know this, but sneakers are the buzz word for summer 2015!  Sneakers are everywhere from our traditional white Keds to blinged out gold and dressy.  So what does that mean for your senior pictures?  That depends...are you asking me, or are you asking mom? (insert huge smiley face here)

My seniors know that I am all for the current trends.  At the same time, I have been in the photography business enough years now to know that what is trendy in 2015 may look really silly in 2045 when you are a parent with kids of your own - who I promise WILL make fun of your "senior style".

What does that mean?  If sneakers are in style...let's go for it.  But lets put outfits together that will survive the test of time while incorporating what is cool and stylish today.

I have pulled a few stylish outfits from Polyvore that I feel would be amazing for your senior pictures - combining style and class.  While your kids may someday make fun of you for wearing sneakers with a dress, they won't be able to fault you for your fashion sensibility and overall style.

Dressed Up Sneakers: Black and White

What makes this outfit work? Black and white is timeless and classic.  Although the dress is geometrical, the cut is flirty enough to work with the tropical theme of the sandals.

Platform Sneakers

Another example of black and white, but completely different style from the first set.  This works because the entire outfit is streamlined and simple.  The pops of color add to the outfit. The sunglasses would make for a really fun picture!

Platform Sneakers

So if you really want to embrace the trend and incorporate some blinged out sneakers, this set is a great example of how to do it for senior pictures.  Keep your outfit simple simple simple. Let the sneakers make the statement and then you can add some fun earrings that coordinate as an additional pop.  Your kids may think the sneakers are hilarious some day, but they won't be able to fault your style.

As always, we provide complementary in person consultations for all of our senior photography sessions.  We will help you plan your clothes to the last detail, or we do have a stylist available to take you shopping in your closet or at your favorite store to help you put together you own version of the current trends.

Until next time...