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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Jadyn - Plano West High School Class of 2015 {McKinney Senior Photography}

Who is perky and fun, dancer extraordinaire, and about to graduate from high school?  Jadyn Champagne!  Jadyn is a senior at Plano West High School and came for her senior portraits last November.  We had a total blast at her session - which had a little to do with her and a little to do with her crazy mamma that was along for the session. (I can talk about her crazy mamma because I have known her for quite a few years...we won't talk about how many).  Jadyn decided to start her session at our studio in the Historic McKinney Cotton Mill, go on location at the mill, and end in a park at sunset with beautiful fall leaves.

It is so much fun to me when the senior girls want to take their images in the grungy section of the McKinney Cotton Mill.  I expect the guys to do it, but I love the contrast of the beautiful girl and the urban decay.  I would say that Jadyn rocked this shot!

Mom wanted some images with her graduation cap - without being traditional and cheesy.  We had fun creating some different ideas. (and I totally LOVE the reflection of the windows on the floor!)

Don't forget the McKinney Cotton Mill is full of beauty as well.  One of my favorite spots is the waterfall right outside my studio.  The contrast of colors is stunning!

Jadyn can even make an old door look amazing!

The way the colors melded with Jadyn's coloring is stunning to me.  It was worth a trek through the mud to get to this location - even carrying a chair!


So...when we took the shot of Jadyn in front of the old door at the Cotton Mill, what I didn't mention was that all around us were these huge balls of roses left over from a wedding the night before.  We all got inspired to take the roses out into the woods and do this beautiful shot of rose petals falling around Jadyn. didn't work as well as I had hoped because the ground was muddy, and the step ladder her mom was standing on was cattywampus as it sunk into the ground and the roses...well they kind of fell in clumps.  So we didn't get the amazing image we dreamed of, but we did get some funny ones!

 Thanks Jadyn for an amazing afternoon.  I can't believe you are graduating soon.  So excited for you!


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