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Friday, September 30, 2011

Getting bigger every year! {McKinney Family Photography}

I have said it before, but I just really love this family.  It is wonderful to photograph a family year after year.  As I edited these pictures, I was struck by how grown up the kids have gotten over the years.  So much fun to watch them grow!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Have you ever seen the movie "Holiday Inn"?  When I did this session the opening song kept running through my head...."Sisters....sisters...." (if you haven't seen the movie, put it on your holiday viewing list this year!  Tons of fun!)

One fun image from the afternoon...

Monday, September 26, 2011

All Grown Up {Frisco Family Photography}

It is such a treat to get to photograph a family with older kids.  You say "stand here" and they do!  Of course boys are only doing this to placate mom...but whatever she wants, right?!

I enjoyed my evening with this family a few weeks ago.  It is so wonderful to be around people that really love each other.  Thanks guys for a great evening!

Can You Say "Personality???!!!" {McKinney Family Photography}

I met this adorable family a couple of weeks ago on a grey and overcast Saturday morning.  I was nervous the pictures would not turn out as the sky was so dark.  But...we needed to get the pictures done while the grandparents were here.

I love how these pictures turned out.  I decided to put a vintage wash on the previews just because I thought it really enhanced the pinks in their outfits and the greens in the trees. 

The girls were just tons of fun.  We just let them be and got the most adorable pictures.  Even the one on the bench they posed themselves.  Not bad (and I just went with it as they all sat still and smiled!)


Saturday, September 24, 2011

LOVE LOVE LOVE This Family! {McKinney Family Photography}

Oh my goodness how I love this family!  Those who have been my clients for awhile will recognize Deora as my amazing and capable assistant last year.  We took extended family pictures this morning and as always, I try to post one picture before the day is over so they don't have to wait.   

HOWEVER... I was downloading the images onto my computer I found what I think is one of my all time favorite images ever!  It was spur of the moment.  I was trying to get a picture of the kiddos and my NEW LOVE SEAT was in the background.  The men were about to carry it off for me and load in the car so it wouldn't be in the background, but it just screamed for mom and dad to sit on it with the kids remaining where I had them.  So...I had to post this image because I love it so much.  . 

So are you just loving the new Love Seat from The Elegant Door in the Shops at Fairview??? I am and you can use it this fall too!

And here is one of the entire family from earlier in the morning...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Another Great Family {McKinney Family Photography}

I had a wonderful time with the "H" family last weekend.  It is a refreshing to work with a family with older kids.  While they aren't sure they want their pictures taken, they do sit still when you tell them to ;-)  Here is one quick sneak from their session.  More later this week...

Cloudy Day - Beautiful Family

I going to try and catch up on my blogging today.  I have so many sessions I haven't posted sneak peeks from.  Anyway...I met this family on Saturday morning.  I was more than a little nervous about the lighting as it was not only cloudy, it was dark cloudy.  But, the lighting turned out beautiful and I was able to shoot in locations I normally can't.  Total freedom is fun!  Here is one quick sneak peek of the "N" family.  More from their session later this week!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Limited Fall Sessions Available

Don't wait until the last minute! 

Fall sessions are filling quickly.  Every year families call me in late October and November wanting a family session and my calendar is already full!

Think out of the box this year!  Do you always take your family pictures in the woods?  Lets go for an urban look this year.

Have you always gone to a studio at the mall?  Let me capture your family in a local McKinney wooded park!

Fall Family Full Session Details
60 minute family session - $595
90 minute family session - $650

All full sessions include:
  • Up to 8 people in an outdoor location of your choice
  • $500 credit towards photographic prints and metal prints*
  • 12 Holiday Cards with images from your session

Don't want to do a full session?  For some families, a 30 minute mini session is perfect!  Fall Family Mini Sessions begin at $550 and also include a set of Holiday Cards. Click HERE for information on the three mini session dates this fall.

*$500 credit may only be applied to photographic prints, metal prints, or canvases.  Credit may not be used towards additional cards, albums, or custom framing. 

One dad passed away 20 years ago.  I have ONE family picture from when I was a freshman in high school.  I can tell you how great I looked - NOT.  Dad never wanted to take pictures because he never felt we had the money and he didn't like how he looked.  Guess what?  I don't care if his hairline was receding or he had to many wrinkles or he weighed to much.  I grieve that I have only one family portrait with my dad. 

You don't know what tomorrow will bring.  Have a family picture done this year for your children!!!!

To book your session, contact Aimee at

Happy Fall

Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy

This blog post is a little different than my normal post.  I usually use my blog to post images from my sessions.  However, today I want to share something on my heart.  Today my daddy would have been 79 years old. He left this earth 20 years ago and when he left, the world around me dimmed.  I think we all know people who just stand out among others - people who seem to have a light around them that draws you in.  That was my daddy.  Everyone who knew him loved him and for a little girl who adored him - he was a rock that I relied upon.  There is hole in my heart that will never be filled.  I see a little of him in each of my children and that brings me joy.  I see him in my sister and that is such a blessing to me.  But most of all, I see him in my heart, and whenever I am stuck as a parent, I always try to think "what would my daddy have done?"

I want to share a few remembrances as well as a few lessons I have learned from my daddy.  As my friends and clients, I thank you for the indulgence of this post.

The things that stand out most in my memory and what daddy taught me:
  • Drinking "coffee" with daddy in our house in San Marcos when I was four years old.  I remember the kitchen and the colors and everything about that moment.  I felt so big to be drinking coffee with dad.  Funny how my coffee was white and his was black - but you don't think of those things at four years old.  You just know your dad thinks you are big enough to do what he is doing. 
  • The one time it snowed in San Marcos.  Daddy went up and down the streets collecting snow in a wheel barrow to build the biggest snow man ever.  He was three times as tall as me.  We got our pictures in the paper for that.  But you know what?  Daddy wasn't in the picture - only my friend Chris and me.  You see, as a parent, daddy was happy to help me achieve really cool things and stand aside without any credit. 
  • Daddy climbing under the baby grand piano to join me in playing barbies.  I made a huge house for them under there.  I would beg him to play barbies with me, but after about 5 minutes with his silly high pitched voice and the ridiculous scenarios he would think up for my barbies, I would send him on to something else.  Plus, he didn't like to change their outfits with me.  You know what though?  He always played when I asked, no matter how busy he was.  He always had time for me.
  •  Fast forward many years...I remember daddy was always "dieting".  He would eat only half a donut.  He might eat four halves at a time, but in his mind he had only eaten half. He would always leave one spoonful of anything in the refrigerator because then he hadn't eaten all of it.  It was so frustrating seeing the bowl of tuna salad, getting everything out to make the sandwich, and then finding one small spoonful left in the bowl.  It even made me laugh back then!  Most of all, I remember him bringing home a bag of candy and then handing it to me to hide from him so he wouldn't eat it.  Not an hour later he would ask me where I hid it and get mad at me for not telling him.  It may be a silly lesson, but I learned from him that if you don't have the willpower not to eat something, don't buy it at the store and bring it home.  It is easier to have willpower at the store than once it is in your house!
  • I remember the day NASA launched the first space shuttle.  We sat on the couch and watched the launch.  He was so excited that man could create something that could launch like a rocket into space and land like a plane.  Then years later, we sat on that very same couch and wept together over the astronauts that lost their lives in the Challenger accident.  You see, my dad had a tender heart.  He taught me that it is OK to grieve over sad things in the world.
  • I attended the University of Texas and lived at home to save my parents money.  I remember driving home from a night class one evening and passing by a homeless man who held a sign that said "I am hungry and will work for my food".  It was about 10pm and I was afraid to roll down the window to give him money.  But all the way home I kept thinking about that man and how he needed food to eat.  I came into the house sobbing.  My daddy got up, got in the car with me and drove right back down to the same spot to give the man money.  As an adult, I realize that many homeless people have those signs and they may or may not be real.  However, at that time, my daddy didn't care what the man would use the money for.  He showed me the heart of a loving parent that would get up late at night and sacrifice his time and money because of me.  I will never ever forget that he did that for me.
  • Most of all, I from my earliest days, I remember my daddy putting his hand on my closed door every night and hearing his hand slide down the door as he knelt down to pray for me.  EVERY NIGHT as long as I can remember.  As a teenager it made me angry.  But now, it means more to me than anything.  Daddy taught me about a loving God, he led me to Christ, and he left me with a memory of him as the example of a praying parent.
As I look at my precious little boys who will never know the amazing man their granddaddy was, I look to the lessons I learned from him.  I can never be the parent he was.  He was so selfless and so giving to me.  I fail miserably with my own children.  And yet, I always think about him and try to picture what he would do if he were the parent of my boys.  It helps bring clarity among the confusion of parenting.  Most of all, I am thankful that my daddy raised me not just in a Christian home, but in a faith filled home.  I saw his example, I saw his faith and trust in the Lord, and I felt his love.   

This is my favorite picture of me with my daddy.  It was the worst haircut I ever had, not to mention the horrible perm, and we won't even talk about the clothes...but I remember that day like yesterday.  It was Easter Sunday, we went up to the UT campus to take pictures and then drove into the country to see the Bluebonnets.  

Happy birthday daddy. I love you!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Introducing New Image Boxes

The number one thing I hear over and over when my clients are viewing their session is: "I can't narrow it down...I like them all!"

Many people want to purchase a disk of the images which is a great option.  However, if you are like me, I like to be able to touch and hold my pictures of my kids.  Looking at them on line is great, but there is something about being able to hold the picture in my hand and just stare at it.  The problem is...who has enough wall space to hang every great image a photographer captures of your family?

We have a solution for you:  The Image Box

Our image box has a leather cover with a personalized metal print of your choice on the cover.  Inside, the box will hold up to 15 board mounted 5x7 prints.  You can take one print out every week and put it on an easel to display in your home, or just take them out and look at them periodically.  The box will fit right at home with the books on your shelf.  It is a gorgeous statement piece on its own sitting on your coffee table. 

Be sure to contact us today for more information about our image boxes.  They are on sale through September 30!  Be sure to join my newsletter list through my Facebook page to be notified of future sales!

Happy fall!


50 Years and still going strong!!!!

I had the honor of capturing a family photo for the "R" family yesterday afternoon.  It was mom and dad's 50th wedding anniversary and the family had gathered literally from all over the country.  Here is one sneak peek from yesterday.  I wanted the family to get to see it before they left to go home!

And just for is an outtake of what it is like at an AimeeLouise Photography photo session.  Because of the large group of people and because it included a two year old, I put the camera on a tripod and had my assistant click the shutter.  With a little one, often the only way I can get a smile is to play with them...and I can't do that and click the shutter at the same time.  Anna clicked it just a little before I could get out of the way.  Not so flattering a picture of myself...but reality!  And what a great smile Mr. H gave me!