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Friday, March 30, 2012

David - McKinney Christian Academy Class of 201 {McKinney Senior Photography}

Who says a guy can't rock the bluebonnets?????

Grab your moments while you can....{McKinney Family Photography}

I have debated with myself about this post, but I decided I needed to go with my heart....

Meet Lori - an amazing, Godly woman who has inspired me more than she will ever know.  I didn't know Lori very well.  In fact, I really only met her one time.  Dr. Carrie Alfieri at Pinnacle Eye Associates hosts a Patient Appreciation Day every November.  For the last two years she has brought me in to take complementary family photos of her clients.  Some of them come dressed and ready for the portrait, and some don't.  Lori's family was one of the latter.  They had come in for Dr. Alfieri's other gifts to her patients that day.  Lori had been fighting cancer for 6 years.  Once they walked in, her husband asked her to take a picture with the kids.  She protested because she wasn't dressed for the picture and her kids were in play clothes.  I assured her that I would pose her kids to hide their play clothes and make a beautiful picture.  She reluctantly agreed.  This was in November 2011.

Lori went to be with Jesus last week.  This is the last family picture they had made with her.  I received a call from her dear friend asking me to print two more pictures.  Each of her beautiful children had asked for their own copy in their room.  They wanted that last picture with their mom.

Dear friends - you don't know what tomorrow will bring.  In November, Lori's family didn't know she would be with them for only 4 more months.  She didn't want the picture because they weren't dressed for it.  I know I preach this too much, but friends - your kids don't care what you look like.  They just love you.  If something were to happen to you, they will never look at that picture and say "oh mom should have lost 50 pounds".  They will instead hug that picture and cry and thank you that you took the time to capture a memory with them.  The only person that care what we look like is us.  PLEASE don't let insecurity and vanity keep you from blessing your children with what they really want. 

Dear Lori - I didn't know you well at all.  But, I know many of your dear friends.  Through them you have inspired me.  I want to share with everyone the things I have learned from you:
  • I can shine the love and light of Jesus whether I feel good or not.  You never, ever complained about your cancer in seven years.  Instead you always were concerned about your friends.
  • Instead of "why me?", you would ask "why not me"?  Why should I think I should be exempt from pain and suffering?  Instead, of feeling bad for me, I can give back to others.
  • Being ever present for my children is more important than my comfort.  You never took medication that would cloud your brain and keep you from being fully there for your kids.  You suffered in pain, but never showed it and gave your kids all of you.
  • I can pay full attention with others speak with me - you had a gift of making everyone feel that what they had to say was the most important thing in the world.  Instead of allowing my mind to go 20 directions at once, I can slow down and really listen to my family, my children, and my friends.  After all, isn't that what is really important?
Thank you Lori for being an inspiration to me and for loving your family.  Your legacy will always be in my heart.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Allen High School Senior in the Bluebonnets (McKinney, Allen Photography}

Another quick sneak peek from last night's bluebonnet sessions.  How amazing to have your senior pictures done in a field of bluebonnets.....

Bluebonnet Sessions {McKinney, Frisco Photography}

A sneak peek from one family from last night's bluebonnet sessions...she has stolen my heart!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Break Family Fun {McKinney, Frisco Family Photographer}

Mom wanted one thing for spring break - an updated family picture.  Getting four boys to willingly take a family picture is like pulling teeth with no pain killer (I know...I have all boys!).  But, they lovingly did it for their mom.  What a wonderful memory! used our Personal Shopper Service to find clothes for the entire family.  She told us what look she wanted, and our FABULOUS personal shopper took her shopping and put the entire look together.  We love to take the stress off of you!!!

Western Chic - LOVE IT (And I really WANT her outfit - boots and flower included!!!!) :-)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Class of 2013 Countdown to Senior Party {McKinney, Allen Senior Photography}

Attention all High School Juniors - Your SENIOR year is almost here!  Join us for our Countdown to Senior Party so we can start your celebration now.  Make all your friends jealous and start the summer with an amazing senior style picture.  Schedule your senior session with us and receive some great thank you gifts.  Read below for details!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Simply Beautiful McKinney North Senior {McKinney Senior Photography}

Meet Katelyn - Class of 2012.

I love it when my clients make my job easy - beautiful girl, fabulous hair, great jewelry, fun fun clothes, and a best friend that rocked the house (thank you Cambria - you were an AMAZING stylist). 

Just a quick sneak peek - will post more when Katelyn picks out her favorites!

Friday, March 9, 2012

McKinney High School - Class of 2012 {McKinney Senior Photography}

I wanted to post a quick sneak peek from a senior session this week before I leave for spring break.  Just makes you want to be a golfer, doesn't it! (Mom - I know he isn't smiling, but I just LOVED this image.  I promise lots of smiles when I show you the rest of the images!!!!!)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sweet Little Bunny Baby {McKinney Infant Photography}

Sweet little Mr. C came by the studio this morning for his newborn pictures.  He is 8 days old today.  Imagine my delight when mom pulled out this adorable little bunny outfit complete with "tail".   What a precious boy! Thank you mom and dad for sharing him with me this morning!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Bluebonnet Portraits! {McKinney, Dallas Photography}

Bluebonnets come out once a year for a few weeks.  There are only one to two weeks of peak bloom each year depending on weather conditions the year before.  I have no idea when the Bluebonnets will come out and hit their peak - usually the first couple of weeks of April. 

If you want to have Bluebonnet Portraits this year, either call or e-mail the studio (details above).  Our office manager, Suzanne, can answer all of your questions and add you to a "call list".  When we determine the exact dates, we will call you and schedule you.  We will call you and book your session in order of the calls to be added to the list.  There is no obligation if you cannot make on of the times available!!!!

Sessions will be on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evening; most likely in Plano.  Times will probably range fronm 5:30-7.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

Patiently Waiting {McKinney Maternity Photography}

There is something amazingly beautiful about an expectant mother.  I shot this image today in the studio.  Can't wait to share some more, but I just had to share one tonight....