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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Glam and Style - Our Most Popular Session! {McKinney Photography}

Our Seniors By AimeeLouise Photography brand has several senior sessions you can choose from.  Our most popular by FAR is our Glam and Style session.  This session is all about giving our seniors the experience of a lifetime - beginning with feeling like America's Next Top Model for a day and ending with amazing imagery to hang on your wall or keep forever in a custom coffee table album.

What makes the Glam and Style session so popular?  We start with a personal consultation in our studio.  I sit down with you and your parent and we plan out your session from start to finish.  I want to get to know YOU - what makes you tick...what do you love...where do you love to shop...what is your style...and most importantly, what are your expectations for your session.  We plan the session at the consultation to ensure that the locations, clothing, and everything else flows together to give you an amazing experience that really captures you. 

The day of your session begins with hair and makeup at our studio with one of our stylists.  Our stylists meet with you beforehand to make sure they are prepared to give you the hair style and the makeup as YOU like it.  For girls that love "glammin' it up" - we can totally do that. 

Ashley, McKinney North Class of 2015, is a perfect example of the "GLAM" in Glam and Style...

Some senior girls are more simple in their life approach and want a very laid back, natural look.  Our stylists can do that too.  Madelyn, Prestonwood Christian Academy Class of 2015, is a perfect example of a natural "All American Girl" look:

The best part of our Glam and Style session is that your experience doesn't end after hair and makeup!  Our stylist COMES WITH YOU on set of your senior session!  Wherever we go...she goes!  She makes sure your makeup is perfect and shine free whether it is February and 40 degrees or August and 100 degrees. 

Marissa, McKinney Christian Academy Class of 2015, can tell you ALL about doing senior pictures in 100 degrees.  Her session last August was BRUTAL, but she looked fresh and amazing at all times due to our stylist who was with us the entire time!

Our stylist not only keeps your makeup fresh, she can change your hair with each outfit so that you several unique looks throughout your session.

Jennifer, McKinney Boyd Class of 2014 wanted several looks during her session.  Our stylist makes sure that every hair is in place and every detail of her outfit is perfect. 

Here was the final look after all of our stylist's preparation!

Our stylist totally changed up Jennifer's look by pairing a headband I had in the studio with her vintage style dress!

One of the best things about having one of our stylists on set is using their amazing fashion skills to put together outfits you never even thought of.

Mallorie, LoveJoy High School Class of 2013, brought this scarf along to use as...well..a scarf.  Nadine had other ideas and gave her a fun hippie look that is totally unique to her!

I nearly fell over when Alex, McKinney Christian Academy Class of 2015, came out of the dressing room in this amazing outfit with a high ponytail. 

Very different look than the curls she had with the outfit before...

Missy, McKinney Boyd Class of 2015 started with loose curls....

 ...and sent with a simple change to go with her trendy dress.

Here are some other examples of fun and simple hairstyle changes our stylist has done on set at past senior sessions...

Emily, Prestonwood Christian Academy Class of 2013

Aubrey, Spicewood High School Class of 2013

Rhiannon, McKinney North Class of 2013

Allison, McKinney Boyd Class of 2015

Kristen, McKinney High Class of 2015

Interested in a Glam and Style session but would like more information?  Give me a call at 214-620-2100 and I would be thrilled to answer any questions you might have.  We LOVE our seniors!


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