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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hats, Hats, and More Hats for Spring 2015 Senior Style {McKinney Senior Photography}

Let's face it - hats are in.  Actually, they are never really out.  My mother wore hats every day when she was my age.  Me....not so much.  But, I have to say that for senior pictures, a hat can make a statement that takes your look from nice to fantabulous! (Is that a word?)

So why do you want to incorporate at least one hat into your senior pictures? Well...let me tell you...

1.  Wide brimmed hats look oh so chic with sunglasses.  You can put them on the brim or wear them.  We could even do some cool reflections with your shades on!

2.  Wearing a hat really completes your look.  It can just pull everything together so that you will be walking the fashion carpet in your images. 

3.  Hats let you experiment with textures, colors, and patterns.  You can wear the hat for a few images and then take it off.  You can bring in some patterns that would be too much on your dress.

4.  Hats allow you to transform yourself in an instant.  A wide brimmed floppy hat will make you look and feel right at home with the retro styles.  A panama style hat brings in the feeling of casual relaxation, like you are gracing the beach with your presence.  More tailored hats invoke a chic, high fashion feel. 

So go ahead, grab a hat and bring it along for your senior session.  In the meantime, here are a few of my current favorites that would look amazing this season!  I love these hats because of the detail.  Detail can make or break the look.  Always be watching for something unique and different when you pick out your hat!

The images came from the following websites.  As of April 2015, all of these hats are still available!

1. Charlotte Russe Wide Brimmed Floppy
2. Abercrombie Striped Panama
3. Old Navy Patterned Floppy
4. Forever 21 Straw Boater
5. H&M Straw
6. Abercrombie  Striped Floppy
7. Go Jane Day By Daisy Panama
8. Forever 21 Braided Band Fedora
9. Free People Brim Optimo Panama
10. Free People Brim Clipperton
11 Roxy Cantina Straw

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Announcing the AimeeLouise Photography Class of 2016 Senior Model Reps! {McKinney, Plano Photography}

I am sooo excited to announce our Class of 2016 Senior Model Reps.  I totally LOVE all of these girls.  They are not only beautiful, they are so much fun and really sweet too!  So without further ado...let's meet our Reps and see a few of their images from their model session in March!



Not your mamma's senior pictures... {McKinney Senior Photography}

When I was in high school, we had one choice for our senior portraits...the school photographer. 

We had three choices of images - the cap and gown, the black velvet drape, and one shirt of your choosing.  Whether or not you wore a dress or pants or shorts didn't matter because they only took a headshot. 

As for was the school cafeteria in the summer. 

So this is what I got for a senior picture when I was in school....

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Elizabeth - McKinney Boyd High School Class of 2015 {McKinney Senior Photography}

Ahhh....Elizabeth.  Elizabeth is a ray of sunshine to any day - and that really is more than a cliché.  She really is a ray of sunshine.  I have never seen her without a smile.  Elizabeth has been one of my biggest supporters - always re-tweeting my posts or mentioning me on Instagram whenever she can.  I love having such amazing and fun interaction with my seniors.

Elizabeth describes herself as "a little quirky."  I say she really is just comfortable in her own skin. 

We started her session outside our studio at the Historic McKinney Cotton Mill.  I was so excited about putting the chair in the middle of these flowers.  As we walked out to take the pictures, the lawn service was in the middle of cutting them down. I am so glad we didn't have a video of my running across the field waving my arms like a mad person trying to stop them before they got to my spot.  Whew.  Now this is a parking lot so Elizabeth got the last session the wildflowers at this location.

We ran over to a nearby lake to capture some images before the sun got too high.  Elizabeth really can rock the serious look!

She can also let loose and have fun as well....must be that drama background!

We came back to the Cotton Mill to finish her session.  I just love the contrast between her ivory dress and the deep rustic greens and browns of the mill.  So beautiful!


 Love love love her sense of style.  Thank goodness she chose a Glam and Style session so that our stylist was on hand to pull up her hair to match the sophisticated whimsy of her outfit!

I love a senior girl that loves her car.  Elizabeth's is named after Shaun's car in her favorite show "Psych" - sadly no longer on the air....

We ended the session playing with some different backgrounds.  This was where my photography education and training really came into play.  It was almost noon and in full sun.  We were able to use additive lighting to light her face in balance with the sun behind her so that nothing was blown out in the image.  I think this is one of my favorites!

Love this girl!  I am so blessed she was a part of my Class of 2015 Senior Model Team.