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Thursday, July 30, 2015

7 Outfit Ideas for Senior Pictures

If you are having your senior pictures taken this summer, you are probably out shopping now...or at least thinking about what you will wear.  The thing to remember is that what is cute in person, doesn't necessarily photograph well...and as a senior photographer, I know that my seniors want to look their best. 

Anything I can do to make your senior portrait experience easier is my goal!  I have pulled together a possible list of outfits for a senior session.  I will show you an example of the outfit as used in actually sessions as well as where you can purchase something similar today.  My goal is to make dressing for your senior portrait experience as simple and inexpensive as possible!

I have chosen 7 different looks.  This is about the number of outfits the seniors actually wear during one of our Glam and Style sessions. 

I always suggest to mix it up - you don't want all dresses or all jeans.  I good mix of outfits will make your pictures more interesting - vary how dressy your clothing options are as well.  Of course, this list does not include Letterman jackets, prom dresses, uniforms, or other personal choices you might want to make.  But, it is a good starting place.  Remember, we will go over your clothing ideas at our consultation before your session.  We won't ever leave you to do it alone!

So, here are my outfit suggestions for a typical senior session:

1. Jumpsuit - jumpsuits started coming in style last summer and are in rage this summer.  These are great to show off long legs - especially with heels.

I showed a couple of options to get this look.  I love the shorter leg on the denim jumper.  Denim is such a fun and different look and the tie waist is very flattering.  The red jumpsuit would be really cute with a belt - or even a skinny scarf used as a belt.  A long necklace and bold earrings would be perfect to add to the look.

Denim Romper can be found at Go Jane - $44  Red Romper can be found at Urban Outfitters - $79

2.  Romper - I saw one or two of these last summer, but this summer rompers are everywhere.  There are so many different styles you can choose from.  The best choices for senior pictures draw attention to the waist - this keeps the romper from hanging like a blog on your body in the pictures.  I really like the blousy version I found at H&M as well as the soft blue color.  The lace on the black romper breaks up the black and make it more light and airy.

Teal Romper can be found at H&M - $34.99  Black Romper can be found at LuLu's - $44.95

3. Jeans - I really like to incorporate at least one outfit with jeans in every senior session simply because they incorporate a more casual vibe to the session.  Your choices of jeans are endless as well as your choices for tops.  You can wear any type of shoe that you like with jeans - heels, flats, sandals, all works. 

Jeans/White Off Shoulder Top from ASOS - Jeans  $68, Top  $51;  Jeans/Black Tank from A&F - Jeans $88  Tank $48
4. Shorts - Shorts can be dressy or casual.  I do recommend if you choose casual shorts, a dressier top can really help the look go to another level.  I love how Michelle chose a blouse and jacket to put with her shorts - it just made the outfit work so well together and made it a little more dressy for senior pictures.

Denim jacket and shorts from Old Navy, High Waist shorts and Jacket from LuLu's
If dressier shorts are more your style, many stores carry lace shorts.  Lace shorts are the emphasis all by themselves, so pair them with a solid color top or tank you already have in your closet.

Shorts from H&M - $49

5. Casual Dress - Cute casual dresses come in so many different styles there is no way I could cover all of the options.  I suggest that you consider a solid color dress in lace, or choose an off the shoulder style.  In Texas, you can always pair a dress with cowboy boots! 

Simple dresses are always beautiful and highlight you.

Tie Waist Dress from Revolve - $88  Flare Dress from ASOS - $95
Off shoulder dresses come in many different styles.  I love deep colors for these dresses.  At the same time, the sleeves on the dress on the right below are really coolPlease watch when you purchase these dresses as many have no waist.  You want to make sure the dress flatters your figure.
Coral dress from ASOS - $40  Cream dress from LuLu's - $47

6. Skirt/Blouse - Dresses are always a good option.  I do like to add a skirt and blouse just to break up the monotony of too many dresses.  This is a great time to add a fun pattern that you love. The skirt from H&M has a subtle print.  Always remember to keep the patterns small.  Large patterns make your body look larger in pictures.  Normally I am not a fan of stripe tops, but I think the combination of the blue and white stripe shirt and orange skirt are fun.  Don't be afraid to try something new. 

Printed skirt from H&M - $24.95  Orange skirt from LuLu's - $42

7.  Formal Dress - Some seniors choose to wear their prom dresses.  Another option is to wear a short formal dress for your senior pictures.  You can create your own fun and unique look.  I love highlighting a formal look by keeping it simple - solid colors and statement jewelry.

White Dress from ASOS - $49  Red Dress from Dillards - $49

Hopefully these ideas will help you put together your own fun and unique look for senior pictures.  If you are one of our seniors, I am always available to help you put your outfits together.  And remember...always bring more than you think you might ever need to your senior portraits - I will often put things together you never thought of! 


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Sarah B - Plano West Class of 2016

Sarah is the first senior of the Class of 2016 that I get to blog about this year!  Sarah is beautiful, quiet, and loves simplicity.  She wanted outdoor photos with a natural background.  Sarah has a natural sophistication about her that really came through in her portraits.  We started her session at our studio at the historic McKinney Cotton Mill and ended at Town Lake Park just down the road.  Her elegance and beauty made for a fabulous session.  Congratulations Sarah!  Have a wonderful senior year!


Thursday, July 23, 2015

Hybrid Senior Sessions - the perfect combination of video and photography!

One of the unique features of AimeeLouise Photography, is that we video all of our senior sessions.  We want to capture those in between moments...the humor...the silliness...and even the emotion of the entire senior session.

We combine our videos with our fully edited, beautiful senior photography to produce a DVD that is unique to you and you alone.  We offer the final video as an add-on to our print packages - giving you with the ultimate memory from your senior experience.

Interested in what our hybrid DVD is like?  Check out a couple of examples from our 2015 seniors...

We can't wait to produce YOUR Senior Hybrid Video!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Trend Alert - The Skinny Scarf

Have you seen it around yet?  If you haven't you will!  The skinny scarf is taking the fashion world by storm.  Statement necklaces and belts are being replaced with skinny scarves in closets across the country.

The coolest part of the skinny scarf is that is adds effortless style to pretty much anything you wear....and there is nothing better than effortless, right?

So how do you wear a skinny scarf?  Here are a few ideas:

1. Drape it around your neck like you would any other scarf - you can drape it loosely or twist and pull through from the back.
(You can find these scarves here: Red Scarf and Black Scarf)
2.  Steal an idea from your boyfriend and wear it like a tie.

(You can find these scarves here: Black Scarf, Green Scarf )

2.  Wear it in place of your favorite belt.

(You can find these scarves here: Animal Print and Cream Scarf )

3.  Wear it in place of your statement necklaces.

(You can find these scarves here: crochet scarf and fringe scarf )

4.  Put it in your hair - try adding it to your braid, tying it in your ponytail, or just tying it around your head.
 (For more ideas, see: 10 Ways to Wear a Scarf and  Braided Crown)

The best thing about skinny scarves, is that they are affordable.  Grab one or three and try something new. You can update your style with just a few dollars and a little bit of fun.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fashion Trend: Flared Jeans

They are everywhere - and the word is out! Skinny jeans are on the fashion trend downward spiral and flared jeans are the biggest rage.  I am not talking about boot cut jeans (which will always be in style in the South); I am talking about the big flare - the 70's flare - the full on loose your shoes in your pants leg flare.

I, for one, am totally excited.  These jeans make legs look longer and everyone looks thinner.  So, how would you incorporate the flared jeans style into your senior session?  I have pulled some great looks from the internet and posted them below...

This set incorporates two trends: Flared jeans and denim on denim.   I love this mix with brown - classic yet trendy.  A big floppy hat would be cute too and some large dangly earrings! Chunky platform heels are a must!

Flare Jeans Trend

For the girl with a real BOHO flare, this combination is and feminine.  Tuck in the top and make sure the kimono or unconstructed jacket can belt. (ummm....we won't be doing the Sharon Stone pose...not sure what the art director was thinking there....)


Ok, so normally I don't go for such a predominant pattern, but this combo just might make me make an exception.  This is sooo cute and the shoes take it over the top.  I think for senior pictures, we might go with red or blue as the pop of color, but this outfit rocks!

Flared Jeans / Platform Shoes.

So if you REALLY want to embrace the flared jeans trend, these Valentino jeans are just about the trendiest out there.  I have seen lots of different combinations with these jeans, but I love the simplicity of this black and white stripe top.  I typically steer you away from horizontal stripes, but these jeans are so big on the bottom that the stripes kind of balance it out.

Valentino Flared

I would love your thoughts and ideas on how to incorporate the flared jeans trend into your senior session.  Grab some pictures of your own and bring them with you to your consultation.  We will put together the perfect looks for you!