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Thursday, August 28, 2014

   Freemont's Furry Friend - Sweet Heartbeats

   At AimeeLouise photography we are honored to partner with Freemont's Furry Friends and 97.5 KLAK to help locate new loving homes for the Pet of the Week.

   Below are just a few of the recent sweet heartbeats posing for our camera.


   Macy is a beautiful Rottweiler mix with a timid spirit. she was such a happy and sweet girl. She happily posed for the camera.


   We love Hensley so much... Little Hensley loved our studio and investigated every inch. Hensley is deaf but that did not detour him at all. He sat up and posed perfectly.


   OK this girl is a poser for sure... a lot of the times we are chasing the little ones around to get them to sit still for the camera or look at the camera but this girl laid down and didn't move. She loved being the focus of attention and we loved her.


   Barry, the life of the party, such a fun and energetic little boy. He played and played and played. Barry is very unique. He has eyes which are different colors. One is blue and the other is half blue and half brown and with his white coat they just sparkle.

   Smiling Tessa

   What can we say about Smiling Tessa... this little girl came into the studio and greeted everyone with an amazing smile. The cutest thing you have ever seen and with all her different looks she certainly makes a great model.