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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

After School in the Woods {McKinney, Frisco Photographer}

I had the joy of spending time with a beautiful family yesterday afternoon. I have to say that this family has some of the most polite children I have met. The oldest children are in classes with my boys at school, so I have watched them over time. They are respectful, patient, and full of self-control. (Although I have to say the little man can be quite a hoot when he gets going). I think there must be something in the water in McKinney as I just keep getting to photograph such beautiful children!

Here are some of my favorites from yesterday...

This little guy is so adorable. I can tell that he has been hanging around my son a lot lately. They have the same expressions - not sure who picked them up from who (or whom? I am soooo not an English major!) I loved this expression - he is so precious!

This little one challenged all of my "mommy" abilities. I could not get her to warm up to me and smile. When she finally did, she figured out it was funny to smile and laugh when the camera was down and get serious as soon as I picked it up. No matter though...she is beautiful even without a smile.

This one was quite the opposite of her sister. Giggles abound! I was excited to use my new bench for the first time. I picked it up last weekend in Wimberley and have been waiting for the right setting. Love it!

All I can say is BEAUTIFUL!

Could I get four kids looking at me at the same time? NO!!!! But...I still love this picture. I wonder what she discovered around the tree?

I want to express my thanks to the "G" family for allowing me to take your pictures. It was a joy and honor and I hope you had fun!

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