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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wardrobe Wednesday - Trendy Yellow {McKinney Photographer}

Spring is here - almost!  One of the huge trends for 2014 is yellow.  Fashion blogs and magazine show color blocking with yellow from head to toe.  While this may be fun and trendy, yellow is really not the best choice for portraits - senior or family.  Yellow grabs the attention and screams "look at me".  I mean do you really want to look like Princess Belle in your pictures? 

Now, I know you want to save yourself the barrage of comments your future kids will have in store for you, but you don't want to throw out the fun yellow entirely.  As a photographer, the main thing I stress is that attention should always be drawn to your face rather than your clothes.  So...what is the well-dressed "fashionista" to do if you want to incorporate the yellow trend in your images?

Consider adding a hint of a bright and trendy color if you are insistent that you include it.  We put together a couple of outfits as suggestions on how to incorporate the yellow trend without letting it turn you into a Disney princess....

Consider adding yellow in your accessories.  You can do it with shoes, a headband, earrings, or a scarf.  By choosing the aqua as your main color, you still get the bright look of 2014 but not overdoing it with a color that will take over your portrait. 

If you want a bit more yellow than just your accessories, be sure to choose neutrals as the rest of your base.  Tones of grey, silver, or black will anchor the outfit so that you can wear a yellow sweater or top (please don't ever put it on the bottom).  We popped it with the red to keep the bright feeling.  You could always choose more understated accessories as well.


Comment below and let us know what other trends you would like to see incorporated into a portrait friendly outfit.  We would love to hear from you!


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Disney princess photo credit: <a href="">V Threepio</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">cc</a>

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