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Monday, March 10, 2014

Behind the Scenes - What a dog session is really like! {McKinney Photographer}

So you may have seen some of our pet images around the web.  People comment to me all the time on how adorable they are and how talented I must be to get these dogs to look so cute.  Well...some of it is skill, some of it help, and some of it is just dumb luck.  I thought I would let you see what it is like behind the scenes of some of our pet sessions.....

Do you remember Pixie and how adorable she was? is what happened behind the scenes.....


 Then there was the adorable Oscar that stole so many hearts....

Lets just say that any pictures of that boy were almost a miracle.  He did not want to stay still or to be alone for that matter.  I was exhausted when this session was over.

Finally, do you remember sweet little Horus?

Well, I adopted him myself and I think he was harder to work with than any of the shelter dogs.  I was just SURE he would be obedient and sit nicely for me.  Nope...he wanted to do whatever he wanted to do.  Let's see...he would only stay in the chair if he had a treat with him, but then we got the tongue sticking out pictures and the "searching for the treat" pictures.  So then I lay down on the floor and would pop my hand up with the treat and try to snap the picture while simultaneously removing my hand before the shutter went off.  You can see how that went (although his expression kills me every time I look at it). Then there was the jumping out of the chair shots. the end, I got a sweet picture of my baby.  And by the way...his name is now McGee ( in Timothy for all you NCIS fans out there)

So there you have isn't glamorous, but it sure is fun!  Please be sure to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter; and tune into McKinney's 97.5 KLAK every Wednesday morning at 8:05 to learn about the next sweet furry friend who needs a home!



  1. Eeek! McGee! That's on our short list for boy dog names if we ever get another. We are huge NCIS fans! My daughter wanted to name our black lab either Ziva or Abby, but she came to us with a name and we felt bad changing it after learning her history. Great job with the pet photos.

  2. Thanks girl! I wanted to name him something else, but the kiddos wanted an NCIS name. Did I mention that our Min Pin is named Gibbs :-) They actually wanted to name him after Tony, but I just couldn't get past Dinozzo as a name. I mean what would his nickname be? Nozy? LOL