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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wardrobe Wednesday - The Color of Teal! {McKinney Wedding Photographer}

So, you are getting married and want to have fabulous engagement photos?  After you have secured that amazing photographer (hopefully us :-)), and picked the location that inspires you, the most important thing you can do is choose your outfits.  Often, couples will show up in something really cool and trendy - cute in person but sometimes not the best choice for photography.  When choosing your outfits, you don't want to wear anything that will draw attention away from you and your forever love.  Bright whites, heavy prints (especially if both of you are wearing a print), and bold color blocking will draw attention to your clothes and away from your faces and ultimately your connection. 

You can stay trendy and still keep the focus on you!  Here are a couple of suggestions for these crazy fluctuating temperatures as winter fades into spring....

Ah, teal both bright and melancholy, energetic yet relaxed. This popular color looks fabulous in front of the lens, especially set against cloudy skies and barely emerging leaves. It also looks fabulous on just about everybody, making it a wonderful choice as the star of your outfit.
Sheepskin - Warm, comfortable, subtle sheepskin evokes the best part of cooler weather. Incorporating sand tones into your wardrobe adds a calming, natural touch. Sheepskin accents like boots and slippers provide wonderful texture to your images and keep your toes toasty!
Congratulations on your engagement and enjoy your pictures!

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