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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wardrobe Wednesday - Senior Style

Let's focus on seniors for this week's style suggestions.

High school senior girls can get away with many choices - but I always encourage my senior girls to really think long term.  While trendy outfits are fun today - what will you think of them in 30 years when your kids are looking at your senior album.  What do you want hanging on your parent's wall for the next 40 years? 

It is always fun to incorporate one or two trendy styles, but classic is always in style.  Solid colors are best because attention is drawn to your face rather than your clothes.  You can always incorporate patterns into your accessories.

A couple of suggestions....

Cool Vibes - This outfit is trendy with the color choices and accessories - but is still classic enough to last forever.  The colored jeans are fun and adorable, but you can dress them up with a cute top.  Try to stay away from jersey knit tank tops or t-shirts.  While these would be adorable with the outfit, for your senior pictures, you want a classier, dressier look.  I am sure you have plenty of pictures in those tank tops taken by mom.  The grey and white striped shoes and bag add some funk and fun to round out the outfit.

Urban Cowgirl - This look will always be in style in Texas.  The combination of a beige dress with cowboy boots and a denim jacket is classic Texas. You can update the look by adding some fun to this combination with a lace dress and a distressed jacket.  The fancy boots and the lace dress have lots of texture going on, so try to stay accessories that blend rather than stand out.  If you really want to have some fun, think about a soft romantic hairstyle.  Adding flowers to a braid is unexpected and yet works with this combination.  Our stylist Nadine, can do this to your hair on the set of our photo session and make for something fun and different than everyone else. 

So what do you want to see for next week's Wardrobe Wednesday?  Senior guys?  Maternity? Kids?  Leave a comment and let us know!

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