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Friday, March 7, 2014

Learning to Fly! {McKinney Children's Photographer}

Today is Kite Day at my children’s school.  When my youngest son was in kindergarten, he had a 5th grader assigned to him on Kite Day to help him fly his kite.  I went back and looked at the pictures from that year and I just love the joy on his face as he tries to get his kite in the air.  He was so excited that the 5th grader had helped him and remembers it to this day.

Well, today my son is the 5th grader and he was partnered up with a sweet little preschool girl. (Her mother and I might have manipulated that pairing since we are friends, but I will neither confirm nor deny that possibility)  I can’t help but reflect at how quickly 6 years have gone by.  He is no longer that little boy completely innocent and trusting of everyone.  He is still a boy, but he is different now – his personality has come to the surface and he knows exactly what he wants to do and how to do it. I wish I could have attended kite day today to see him interact with his partner – how he will help her and encourage her and make her laugh – just like his partner did with him 6 years ago.  Thankfully their teachers sent me some images from this morning.

*Photo credits go to Laura Clow and Lana Hamilton
So I got to thinking, the 5th grade boy that helped him is now close to finishing high school.  I know his mom is wondering where the time went as well.  As much as I want to hold on to my children, I know I need to let them go and become the men God has called them to be.  So I guess that Kite Day has shown me a tangible vision of letting our children go – so that like the kites, they can fly!

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