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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fashion Trend: Flared Jeans

They are everywhere - and the word is out! Skinny jeans are on the fashion trend downward spiral and flared jeans are the biggest rage.  I am not talking about boot cut jeans (which will always be in style in the South); I am talking about the big flare - the 70's flare - the full on loose your shoes in your pants leg flare.

I, for one, am totally excited.  These jeans make legs look longer and everyone looks thinner.  So, how would you incorporate the flared jeans style into your senior session?  I have pulled some great looks from the internet and posted them below...

This set incorporates two trends: Flared jeans and denim on denim.   I love this mix with brown - classic yet trendy.  A big floppy hat would be cute too and some large dangly earrings! Chunky platform heels are a must!

Flare Jeans Trend

For the girl with a real BOHO flare, this combination is and feminine.  Tuck in the top and make sure the kimono or unconstructed jacket can belt. (ummm....we won't be doing the Sharon Stone pose...not sure what the art director was thinking there....)


Ok, so normally I don't go for such a predominant pattern, but this combo just might make me make an exception.  This is sooo cute and the shoes take it over the top.  I think for senior pictures, we might go with red or blue as the pop of color, but this outfit rocks!

Flared Jeans / Platform Shoes.

So if you REALLY want to embrace the flared jeans trend, these Valentino jeans are just about the trendiest out there.  I have seen lots of different combinations with these jeans, but I love the simplicity of this black and white stripe top.  I typically steer you away from horizontal stripes, but these jeans are so big on the bottom that the stripes kind of balance it out.

Valentino Flared

I would love your thoughts and ideas on how to incorporate the flared jeans trend into your senior session.  Grab some pictures of your own and bring them with you to your consultation.  We will put together the perfect looks for you!


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