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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Senior Guys and Senior Pictures- Making Everyone Happy {McKinney Senior Photography}

High school senior guys  and senior pictures - the subject that causes so much division in homes every year...the struggle between mom wanting to remember her precious child by having pictures taken and son wanting to be as far from a camera and a photo session as possible.

I am a mom of two boys - and believe me, I get it.  I have to hire a photographer every year to take our family portraits because there is no way my guys will cooperate with me and let me get genuine looks and smiles.

But...the upside of my daily struggle with my own boys....I GET it!  I get guys and what they want and what they don't want.  I also get being a mom and what she wants and what she doesn't want.

That is why my senior sessions are all customized for the senior and why I do in person consultations before every session.  I know that if I can get that 17 or 18 year old guy sitting in front of me, telling me what his passions are - and I can assure him face to face that I will make him look cool, will incorporate his passions into his session, and I will make sure he has the best time he possibly can - then I can get him to relax and (almost) buy into the fact that mom is making him take senior pictures.

So what does mom want and what does the almost adult male in her house want?  They want two different things and I promise to deliver for both.

For guys....they want their cars...


They want their sports....

And...they just want to look masculine in a cool location...

For mom - she wants smiles, true personality, and to see her son as she sees him.  For mom - we deliver smiles and personality...

We work hard to make everyone happy!  I think one of my most favorite moments was when one of my cool senior guys tweeted " You made senior pictures pretty fun to be honest!"  Now THAT made my day! 

As a mom of boys, I really love my senior guys and I love to see the smile when they see we captured what they wanted! 


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