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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Alex - McKinney Christian Academy Class of 2015 {McKinney Senior Photography}

Meet Alex - one of our 2015 Senior Models!  Alex is a fun-loving young woman who is always ready with a smile and willing to step outside of the box to have amazing images.  Alex had some interesting experiences during her session. 

First...she wanted pictures with her cat.  Alex is the only senior I have ever had bring a cat to her session.  Let me tell you...the cat was a trooper...but he wasn't the happiest pet I have ever seen.  He did well anyway, even with the dog.

Later when we were out at the park, the local McKinney disk golfers decided that even though we were in our spot long before they got there, we had to move.  Hmmm....asking me works wonders...telling me...not so much.  So I took my time but we found Alex had Frisbees flying past her head at one point.  We thought they could wait 5 minutes, but I guess not.  We still got some amazing images and had a great time.

A few of my favorites from Alex's session...

Alex's smile ALMOST overcomes the "look of death" in her cat's eyes.  Soooo funny!

About here is where the Frisbees started flying....

Did I mention that Alex can really rock that serious look too!

Texas Tech bound!

Oh yes....another interesting moment....Alex's dad and I went and got the really really tall ladder here at the McKinney Cotton Mill and she did climb up to dizzying heights.  There is no way I would get up there.  She is a brave girl!

Loved your session Alex!  I hope you had as much fun as I did!


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