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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Not your mamma's senior pictures... {McKinney Senior Photography}

When I was in high school, we had one choice for our senior portraits...the school photographer. 

We had three choices of images - the cap and gown, the black velvet drape, and one shirt of your choosing.  Whether or not you wore a dress or pants or shorts didn't matter because they only took a headshot. 

As for was the school cafeteria in the summer. 

So this is what I got for a senior picture when I was in school....

My oh my how things have changed.  ( comments about the bangs...I have already thought it myself...I promise!)

Keep in mind - if you are an upcoming senior, you do still have to have your pictures taken by the school photographer over the summer and you do have to have a cap and gown shot taken, BUT...that is not your only option.  They will try and get you to expand the studio session and purchase their images.  You can certainly do that. can give me a call. 

Seniors by AimeeLouise Photography provides a customized senior EXPERIENCE....not just senior pictures.

When you book your senior experience with us, we meet with you before your session to plan the session location, style, hair and makeup (if you are a girl), and clothing.  We talk about what you love, what has defined your high school experience, your pets, your friends, your style.  Then we plan a session that is unique to you.  Are you a glamour girl all the way? - we will bring out the high fashion style for you.  Are you a guy in love with your car and your guitar? - we will plan a grunge rock session and a cool location for your car.  Are you a natural girl who hates to wear makeup or wear a dress? - we will find a rustic, beautiful location for you, and plan your hair and minimal makeup so that you are comfortable.  We make it about you!

Don't get stuck with yearbook pictures that look like mine because no one told you that you have an option.  Give us a call and let us plan a session that reflects the Be-YOU-tiful you! 


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