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Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Day By The Water

I had the privilege of meeting a wonderful family this week. Mom said that she had lots of photos of her boys, but wanted some of the entire family. This was her birthday gift to herself. She wanted the setting to be nature, but not too much green because they camp alot and she has tons of pictures of the boys in the trees. I think we satisfied that requirement and got some great shots.

Here are a few of my favorites...

These boys are so wonderfully behaved. They were polite and cooperative and nice to each other. I couldn't always get them looking at me at the same time as boys can be easily distracted, but they were patient and willing to tough it out to the end. I love the serenity of this shot.

Every once in awhile I can capture that special moment of peace and love between mother and child. It stirs my heart to see a child close his eyes, if even for just a moment, and lean back against mom. He probably didn't even know he did it...but I caught him!

If you have seen many of my pictures, you know I love to capture feet. This pose, though, was mom's idea and I thought it turned out great.

I love this shot - the contrast between the bright red flowers and the turning leaves of fall in the background. I got all four boys looking at me at the same time too!

Every kid needs a moment of levity after a 2 hour photo shoot.

What a great morning we had. Thanks to the "A" family for a fun time! I hope you love your pictures!

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