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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Summer Class of 2016 Seniors - Adding fun and personality to their sessions

Well...summer 2015 is over and the class of 2016 who came to see AimeeLouise Photography had a blast.  A few of our seniors came to us with fun ideas for how they could express themselves in their senior portraits.  I wanted to share a few of these images and hope they inspire you as you make your session your own!

Avril expressed her joy at being a senior (and at taking the last shot from her session!)

Marly wanted a hip hop vibe for her session and demonstrated some of her moves.

Sarah is a dancer at Plano West.  We didn't really plan this shot, but even when she trips she is graceful.

Jackie is a cheerleader at her high school.  We had fun coming up with something different to do for cheer.

This one was Jackie's idea.  I tried to get her to put "I'm Outta Here" on her sign...but she thought dad might not like that so much.

Tori came full of ideas.  These were two of my favorite fun images from her session.

One of Olivia's favorite places is the McKinney Public Library.  We had a blast coming up with fun ideas at the library.

Haley has such a fun personality.  We had fun figuring out where to use her sign and how to incorporate her sport into the images.  The hat image was one of the hardest ever to accomplish but I think it turned out fun.

Lauren's dog totally stole the show at her session.  Just look at that face!  I love her tough face for her Lacrosse image.  The McKinney water tower in the back is just a bonus.

Brianna is a photojournalist for her school and she has a throwback rock-n-roll side.  As soon as I saw her record player and albums, I knew the "steps to no-where" behind our studio would be perfect!

Maddie brought in these great Class of "16" balloons.  We released them at the end and watched them fly away.  She was a good sport when I suggested she climb on top of her Jeep.  Being a Jeep owner myself, I wanted to take off the tops and doors...but we only have so much time in our session...and I thought her parents might not like me too much.

This series at Caroline's session was totally spur of the moment.  I told her I really wanted a senior to do something with sunglasses.  She pulled these out...and the rest was history.

I can't wait to see what our Fall seniors have in store.  As a hint...we have already done fishing and pulled out a cowboy hat and boots.  And that is just two sessions in September so far.  It's gonna be a great fall!


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