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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Cows and Cars - An Eventful Day in the Texas Countryside

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary.  My husband, knowing that I love to take my Jeep out into the country and photograph whatever I see, suggested that he take me driving that morning.  I jumped at the chance - excited to capture some fun new images I can turn into fine art.  Well...after I took a couple of images, I asked him to stop on the side of the road so I could take a picture of a group of cows under a tree.  I didn't realize the gravel road sloped on the edge.  I jumped out, my feet hit the gravel, the gravel went tumbling down the small hill, and my feet went tumbling with it.  I slammed my back ribs into the side rail of the Jeep.  Hmmm....let's just say I couldn't breathe....I couldn't talk...I couldn't think...  My sweet husband suggested that we go on home since I was in so much pain.  But...let it never be said that I am not stubborn.  There were some shots I wanted and there was no way I was going home until I got them.  I think being in shock contributed to my crazy decision...but I pressed forward.  A mile or so away, we found this awesome body shop with the coolest rusty cars out front.  I limped along but got the images I wanted.  Let's just say that by the time the shock wore off, I was home.  My ribs were bruised, and I couldn't hold a camera or lift anything for 2 weeks.  Well...I still think it was worth it...

So....without further adieu - here are some of the images I captured that day. 

These were the images BEFORE the crash of August 8, 2015:  A couple of cows and a really cool tractor next to a silo.
This was the image that I jumped out of the car to get and ended up falling down.  Sadly...I don't even like it that much....
 I am so glad that we pressed on in spite of the pain.  I found an old body shop and was able to capture these images!  It was totally worth it to me!!!


I love the image of the car above...but it just reminded me of a cartoon.  So I played a little bit and turned him into a caricature.  Just a little fun...

 So there you have it...I spent my anniversary on pain meds and ice for the rest of the day.  I definitely need to make it up to my husband, but I totally love the images I got that day.

Until next time,

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