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Monday, April 5, 2010

A Whole Passel of Kids! {Frisco, McKinney Photographer}

I am still catching up on my spring break sessions. I have to give this family the award for the most patience ever! I did a session last fall for part of this family, and grandma wanted all of the grandkids together for pictures while they were in town for the break. We squeezed them in the night before I left for Italy, but I have not been able to process their pictures until today. I am so thankful for their patience. I know if it were me waiting on my pictures, I would be DYING to see them NOW!

I have posted a few of my favorites below. I decided to play with some different vintage finishes to see which I liked best with the rustic backgrounds. I ended up liking them all, so I included a sample of each below. We had a great time and the kids held up really well! So...FINALLY, here are a few of my favorites of the "P" family pictures. The rest will be ready in the next couple of days....

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