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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

First Signs Of Spring - Part 2

As promised, I have finally finished processing the pictures for the first family I photographed the week of spring break.   This is the first session I have had this year with actual signs of spring!  It is such a nice change to see green! Anyone who knows me well will tell you that I start complaining with the first cold front and the words "I HATE WINTER" are never far from my lips.  Snow is fun (every once in a long while), but green trees, green grass, and muli-colored flowers never cease to bring me joy!

So enjoy the sneak peaks from the "D" family.  The kiddos are adorable and very sweet natured.  Little "C" was so serious but I did get a few smiles from him.  I would love to see who he turns out to be when he grows up.  I am thinking there is a little poet or a philospher inside that just takes in the world around him and ponders it in his heart. What a precious and beautiful child!

More spring break family and senior photos to come....

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  1. Thanks Aimee! These pictures look GREAT! I wish I had given Carsen a haircut before. Darn! He has one now. LOL!