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Friday, November 13, 2015

Trend Alert: Cropped Flares

Denim seems to be staple that is always with us.  It seems forever that we wore the low rise jeans, then the skinny jeans took over, not to be outdone by boyfriend jeans.  Last spring we started seeing the 70's flare.  Now, the cropped flare is becoming the rage.  For me, a person with almost no waist but really long legs, the cropped flare has always been one of my favorites.  Whether is it jeans or super-wide culottes, I am in heaven when these are in style.  (Yes..I guess that means I am old as I have worn this style before!)

If you are new to cropped flare look, it can be daunting.  How do you wear it?  What tops should you pair it with?  What shoes are best?  There are tons of blogs all over the internet on how to style cropped flares.  I want to help you style it for photographs. After all, I am a senior photographer, and I am always looking to adapt the current trends to look fabulous in pictures so that your fashion enhances you rather than overwhelms you in your images.

One note, shorter girls tend to be scared of the cropped flare style.  Don't shy away from it because of your height.  I found a great blog post by Esther Levy on how shorter girls can pull off this trend.  You might want to check it out.

So here are some ideas for wearing cropped flares while rocking your senior session!

I hesitate posting this image as it probably isn't for every body type.  However, more girls can wear this than you would think because the jeans have a high waist.  This outfit screams that you are a fun and casual kind of person.  Love the fresh take on the boyfriend tuck with the sweater. 
The Fashion Tog

For a 180 degree flip, consider this outfit.  Sleek and stylish, this says that you know who you are and you aren't afraid to make a statement.  The sleek boots and fitted shirt balance out the super-wide culottes. The pop of black against the monochromatic outfits adds style without taking away from the person in the outfit.  A heel is a must with flares this wide!


I have debated on posting this image, but there is something about it that just grabs me.  If you are a high fashion girl and want your pictures to look like a fashion spread, this would be a perfect choice for you.  It is a longer crop but still requires heels.  The peep toe shoes are the perfect choice to balance out the heaviness of the jumper and the sweater underneath.  Fun choice for sure!

For a twist on modern classic, think about cropped flare jeans with ragged edges.  Pair those with a sleek leather jacket and lace-up boots with a fitted top underneath.  This is how to wear a trend that is classic enough to never look too much out of style when you look at your pictures in 10 years.
For a BOHO look, choose a pair of more fitted jeans with a smaller flare.  You can put them with a loose BOHO top and statement jewelry.  Be sure to grab sleek cropped boots or some lace-up shoes with heels. 
There are so many options, I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.  If your senior session is coming up soon and you need some help styling, just let me know.  I would love to help you put together the perfect outfit for you.

Until next time,

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