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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Senior Spotlight: Jack - McKinney Christian Academy Class of 2016

Jack is one of those guys that is just really fun.  He is a guy's guy - plays almost every sport, loves to fish, and drives a hot car.  You would think he would be too cool for school, but  he is actually a really nice guy with a great sense of humor.  The two things he wanted to incorporate into his senior session were his car and his favorite hobby: fishing. 

I always encourage my seniors to bring along their BFF.  One of Jack's great friends just happens to be Tori Grace, one of our senior models.  Between Tori Grace and Jack, we laughed a lot.  She helped me convince him to pose with a statue and taking a selfie.  Every time I look at the images (below) they make me laugh. last thought - Jack asked to take some photos in his favorite fishing hole.  He neglected to mention that the grasses and weeds were about 4 feet high, so I didn't bring my boots along.  As were were making our way through lots of brush, I told him there better not be any Copperhead snakes in the grass.  He assured me that they live in the water - ha ha ha - even I know they don't live in the water.  Let's just say I heard some rustling in the brush and I moved really fast.  It was probably a mouse, but I wasn't hanging out to find out.  It was worth it though...we got some AMAZING images!


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