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Thursday, February 27, 2014

It's my first birthday and I get to do what to the cake????

First birthday sessions are always such a treat!  It is such a fun and busy age, and they aren’t too “cool” to wear cute things that mom likes!
Sweet Tate came in for his session a couple of weeks ago.  He began the session by falling out of a chair and hitting his head.  What a trooper though!  He bounced right back and cooperated like nothing had happened. 
The Superman cape and blanket had been a special gift.  Tate played right along and became a little superhero that stole our hearts.

I love the tie and the hat for this cake smash session.  Tate got right into it and enjoyed playing the frosting.  I love that his mom let him crawl right through the frosting.  He may not remember that day when he is older, but we made sure that they have the memories with them forever!

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