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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Urban Family Session - Downtown McKinney

Well, a very sick child has caused me to get behind once again.  I love being a mom who owns my own business which gives me the ability to stop everything and care for my family when they need me.  However, I can't tell you the frustration I felt when I was laying beside my child in bed for three days - frustrating because he was so sick and also frustrating thinking of how far behind I was getting.  Did I mention we lost power for several hours while he had a 103 degree fever?  Yeah...remind me to always be thankful that I live in 2011 instead of 1811 in Texas.  I don't know how our grandmothers did it.  Anyway, I digress...

I am so thankful for patient families waiting on their pictures.  This was the first of my Urban Family Sessions for the summer.  Such a beautiful family!  Mom was concerned that we didn't get a good full family picture as the youngest one decided she did not like the heat and was totally done by the time the oldest sisters arrived.  But...we did get a great one of the entire family - and some stinkin' cute pictures of the youngest kids.  And yes it helps when the entire family is gorgeous!

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