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Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Love My Bear! {McKinney, Allen Photographer}

Meet Mr. A.  He is 15 months old and FULL of energy. I learned several things about Mr. A yesterday. First...he doesn't like to sit in grass ( is pretty itchy sometimes), he doesn't like to remain in one place too long (who does at that age?), and he LOVES his little bear. Probably two thirds of the pictures I took had Mr. Bear in there somewhere. But, you know what? That endeared him to me. My precious youngest son is now 7 years old and he has had his lovie dog named "Poochie" since he was in the crib. If we ever lose Poochie I don't think he will sleep again for the rest of his life. I just loved watching Mr. A cling to his bear and I love that his mom allowed me to take the pictures with him in them. I promise...when he is 10 or 12 she will look back at those pictures and be so glad the bear was in them. Oh...I learned one more thing about Mr. A: he LOVES his mommie!

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