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Monday, April 13, 2009

What a wonderful Easter weekend we had as a family! Yesterday started cold and rainy and ended up being a glorious day full of sunshine. We capped off the day by eating dinner outside on the patio feeling the warm breeze and looking at the beautiful trees surrounding the creek which are finally green!

On Friday, I was afforded the opportunity to take family pictures for a wonderful family with 4 precious and adorable little boys ages 2-8. Mom and dad have their hands full for sure, but they were all well behaved, sweet boys. They were certainly rambunctious, but when mom said for them to stand still for the pictures...they did it. However...with four little boys, there are going to be some great out take moments. Here are my favorites....

Mom got down on the ground to show the boys how we wanted them to pile up on top of each other for a 4 boy stack. Instead, everyone jumped on mom. As a mom of boys myself, I get that. You just have to be a good sport when you are raising boys!

We never got the shot of the 4 boys stacked on top of each other, because the 2 year old decided he didn't want to be on top. As he was coming off, he grabbed his 4 year old brother by the neck and the next thing we knew, a fist fight had erupted. I personally thought it was funny, but the boys were unhappy with each other for a little bit after that.

Between shots, grandma decided to race the boys.

This shot goes to show that no matter how hard you try, a 2 year old cannot be corralled. I did this one in black and white because I think it tells the story better.

One last wrestle with dad before the day was through. I had promised that if they would just hang on until the end, they could each tackle me at the end of the shoot. I guess they decided to practice with dad!

I love this shot! We were lining the boys up along the fence and the two oldest had to hug each other. It just goes to show that fist fights, competition, name calling, and all...brothers do still love each other.

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