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Thursday, April 16, 2009

More Fun!

I was honored today to shoot some headshots for an amazing business woman. She has started at least two business that I am aware of and needed headshots for various promotions. Some people are just amazingly photogenic. She is one of them and well over half of my shots are almost perfect. These are a sneak peak and none are really edited. I just had to put them out on the blog because I was thrilled with the results!
The red tree was just sitting there waiting to be an amazing background to a black dress! We got plenty of "calm hair" pictures, but the artist in me loves the way the wind was slightly picking up her hair in this picture.

Who would ever guess this creek is in the middle of a shopping center next to the freeway? It is so serene for photos.
This park is one of my new favorite places to take pictures. I just love North Texas. The natural Texas landscape is really wonderful.

Who wants to work inside when you can work outside in the majesty and beauty of God's creation!
I know she can't use this shot for her professional bios, but I think this is my favorite. It is romantic and etherial and simply beautiful.

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