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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sisters Forever! {McKinney Family Photography}

Usually when I am processing a session, there are 8-12 images that really stand out to me.  Those are the ones I choose for sneak peeks on my blog.  Every once in awhile I have a session where the images all jump out at me and I can't narrow them down.  This was one of those sessions.  These girls are just so precious and had such fun personalities.  I couldn't just show the good ones.  I had to show the outtakes because to me they are better than the "perfect ones".  These are the images I choose with my own kids - tongues stuck out, giggles, and hitting each other.  These are real life.  So I picked some of the perfectly smiling pictures to share today, but I also shared the full story.  Through life any sister will tell you that some days you love your sister, some days you want to punch your sister, some days you want to be beside your sister and some days you just want to be as far away as you can get from her- but sisters are sisters forever!  Enjoy a day in the life of two sisters....

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