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Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Best Friend's Babies {League City Photographer}

I believe in life, we have very few true friends.  I define a true friend as a person that is there for you good and bad, good times and hard times, loves you through everything, doesn't judge you for bad choices, and sticks with you even if you go through a rough patch in the relationship.  Then among the few true friends you have, there are one or two that become as close to you as a sister.  These are the friends that even if you live 100 miles away and see each other only once a year, you just pick up where you left off.  I have two such friends in my life - Debbie and Nadine, and both of them live in Houston - too far away for me.  I got to visit them this week and had the honor of taking pictures of Debbie with her dogs.  Every time we have gotten together over the past couple of years we have intended to take pictures of her with her babies, and it never seems to work out.  This time we made it work.  Here are a couple of pictures from our 7am photo session (the only time we could fit it in our otherwise packed days).  I hope you enjoy them Deb.  I love you like my sister and I am so glad that we are friends.  My life is richer (and WAY more fun) with you in it!

Ok...I have to say something about these dogs. They are the easiest dogs I have ever photographed. All I had to do was say "TREAT" and they both looked right at me. EVERY TIME. So hilarious!

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