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Friday, March 27, 2009

As part of a photography class I am taking, I had some killer homework this week. 2,000 pictures in a week, all black and white, all landscape, all the same lens, and none could have the same subject. It certainly stretched my creativity and really helped me to see the world in a new way. Here are some of my favorites from the assignment:
This first one was at a birthday party. It probably won't pass the professor's creativity test, but I just love the joy and innocence of childhood in this shot. When the pinata came out, all of the children's faces lit up.

This shot is of my oldest son crossing first base at baseball practice. I know the other moms thought I was crazy getting down on my belly and shooting in the dirt. The perspective on the image was worth it. Who knew he jumped up in mid air after crossing the base. I am going to be shooting more pictures at this perspective in the future.
This is my neighbor's crazy and adorable dog. Love that tongue!

This one is my favorite image of all of them. I was trying to get a good angle of the water flowing over the rocks from our hot tub into the pool. My son was walking along the edge and I asked him to put his foot in the water. Of course, he said "no", but when I saw the twinkle in his eye, I knew something was about to happen and got ready. Sure enough, he just poked his toe in and out in a split second. But...I was ready... and what a great image!

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  1. Love the ripples shot. I'll show you one I worked on last week. Except mine started out as a ceiling fixture at the Winn hotel in Vegas, but stripped out and messed with, is now my water pic for Xandri's blog. If only I had a pool and Nathan's toe...!
    I'll post it this weekend. (I know...long url).